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 Random Votekick/ban

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PostSubject: Random Votekick/ban   Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:02 am

Votekick should be used first to own newcomers to the server.

Most of the time, votekick will serve the same purpose as a voteban, but it only needs 60% as opposed to the 76% for a voteban.

The most important element is to use mic to direct your team to vote yes. Equally important is the usage of blatant lies to direct the prejudices of the team toward a BS votekick/ban.

The most effective votekick reason is the same as the ones for voteban:
1. having deviant sex e.g. molesting children/ being black/ being jewish/ being black and jewish
2. teamflash
3. being a douche
4. afk
5. being a camper
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Random Votekick/ban
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