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 What I don't like about CoD

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PostSubject: What I don't like about CoD   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:10 am

I will admit I WAS a fan of CoD before MW2.

I played CoD 1 as a little boy intrigued by it's immersive single player and strange multiplayer where i shot people in the face.

CoD 2 came out. I was just as excited about it and played that competitively on the computer. It was around this time I bought CS:S and played America's Army 2.0(+).

CoD4:MW came out. I will have to admit I was never so excited for one game in my life. It had everything I wanted in a game. Fast paced, adrenaline pumping, and required skill most of the time. I played that competitively and won numerous tournaments. But it was just missing that feeling I got when I played CS:S and AA2(+). I eventually got bored and stopped playing it all together.

CoD:WaW: came out and I beta tested it and got it but barely played it. It felt like a WW2 version of MW2 and I wasn't too impressed. I told myself if I ever wasted money on a game that bad again I would never play another CoD game agian.

Then Activision took over Blizzard. They came out with a bunch of things to leak more money from the people. I realized that Activision was a company for people who are like EA and try to get money off every launch and move on, not supporting or improving very much of anything and what they did you payed for. I knew if this was to happen to MW2 I would be pissed and a little heart broken for my favorite shooter of the time.

Then it came out. I bought it for the PS3 because I knew if I didn't like it someone else would play it in my family besides me. Sure enough, Activision tried to leak every dollar they could off of me. And I seriously couldn't believe it. I know I should have expected it but still.

That is why you will hear me say how much I HATE Call of Duty and activision. I feel sorry for the fact that Blizzard has to deal with them, and that SC2, probably the most exciting game for me to release close to CoD4:MW.

Zeta hates Activision for A LOT of reasons
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PostSubject: Re: What I don't like about CoD   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:14 am

Should be in nerd rage LOL

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What I don't like about CoD
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