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 [Guide] Rushing Garage the right way

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PostSubject: [Guide] Rushing Garage the right way   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:38 am

Map : CS_Office
Side : Terrorist or Counter Terrorists

Terrorist: You rush out of the back windows and half of the team splits into back stairwell. The reason for this is you can shoot any incoming and outcoming CT's and then about 2-3 people go back and watch the back way... this allows you to be able to create a pocket where you can camp garage and no hostages can come in and if you do it right, kill all the CT's without getting flanked or killed off.

Counter Terrorists: You rush to back stairs and Garage door. BE CAREFUL when you open the door sometimes there will be 3 Terrorists waiting for you so let the people in back stairs flank them. Now if you can manage to see where the enemy is going and they go Garage camp them out and have 4 people come around to flank there team. If not you keep pushing through and take back window and then have 2-3 people watch behind you in Garage 1 in Long snipe and 1 on the dumpsters calling for backup if needed
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[Guide] Rushing Garage the right way
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